Sunday, October 03, 2010

Parts and the Whole

It is going to be a wild weekend. Wait, let me change that – we are halfway through one wild weekend. There is so much going on this weekend, I would hate for you to miss anything. So I will give you something that you can enjoy whenever you have the time.

Enclosed find the annual report for the parish for the fiscal year that ended on June 30. The report includes a letter from the Finance Council, and the financial statistics as the Archdiocese requests that we present them to you. It is amazing how much comes…and goes through this parish, isn’t it?

Statistics not financial are also included, so don’t forget to look at the number of baptisms, funerals, registered families, and students. This reminds us that what we are about as a parish cannot be presented on a balance sheet. We exist as a church to bring ourselves and others to God, to worship Him in spirit and in truth, and to draw souls to the salvation that is achieved in Jesus Christ. That’s a little harder to quantify! The numbers only make sense if we remember who is Number One: Jesus.

So take the report and read it whenever you have time; keep it for your files, or on your desk for a while. If you have any question, feel free to ask any of the Finance Council members. They work very hard along with me and Delfina, our parish business manager, so they know the story behind the numbers. I am sure your gratitude for their work is proportional to my own.

Behind all numbers of the parish, there are people, and there are some changes among them lately as well. Mrs. Jane Baily, for sixteen years the Director of Religious Education here, has resigned. She assures me that much prayer and consideration went into her decision, so I am sure that her earnest prayers will lead neither her nor us away from the good that God intends.

Mr. Neil Sloan, a parishioner and theologian, will graciously serve as Interim Director of Religious Education to ensure that the catechesis of our children in the School and weekend Religious Education Program continues. Over the remainder of this year, we will seek a qualified catechetical leader and administrator to develop our parish program to new levels of evangelization and service.

It is an exciting time for our Religious Education Program. It has grown significantly in numbers and family involvement over the past two years, and promises to continue to do so; and the Archbishop’s call to the New Evangelization brings with it new catechetical standards to be implemented in the coming year.

Also, you regulars of our 9:00 Mass may have noticed that when the Contemporary Choir returned from the spas and beaches of summer to sing with us again, one of them was missing. Mrs. JoAnn Parker, longtime accompanist of that choir, stepped down over the summer as well. She will still sometimes play for the school choir and events, and is still about the parish, so if you see her, thank her and assure her of your prayers.

So amidst all the excitement this weekend, the practicalities of the parish still receive the attention they deserve – and not only from the Pastor. Enjoy yourselves at our Festivals this weekend, and continue to pray for us as a parish, that each transition, each transaction, and every activity and action, bring us in joy by God’s providence to greater communion in Christ.

Monsignor Smith

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