Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life in Abundance

Do you remember this summer, when at the end of Mass there were no announcements? I think that happened three weeks in a row during the absolute doldrums. Well, that time is over -- and how!

This weekend, don’t forget to swing over to the convent and visit the newly renovated chapel. There will be an open house after all the Masses so you can see the good work done by our parishioners, and visit this beautiful sacred space that has been a well-kept secret too long. And on your walk over, admire the new downspouts, to replace the stolen ones. They’re not copper (too much of a temptation, alas), but they should work.

This Sunday evening, we do have one activity that continued through the summer: Eucharistic Adoration from six to ten. The men of the Holy Name Society commit to being present for that vigil, so that you can come at your convenience to rejoice and offer prayers before the living God who dwells among us.

Then, try to come this week to a special Mass we are offering for the intentions of our military personnel serving abroad, and in harm’s way. Wednesday, September 29, is the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, who wields a flaming sword, drove the rebel Lucifer from heaven, and battles the devil (successfully) in the Apocalypse. In uniting to call upon his aid for all who sacrifice and serve for us, and to unite our sacrifices to Christ’s own, we will acknowledge our need for heavenly help in this real, earthly struggle. Msgr. Thomas Olszyk, of the Military Archdiocese, will preach. All the details are in the box to the lower left.

On the foundation of all this prayer, next weekend will be the center of social activity this fall for the whole parish community. Plan to spend time up here every day!

Saturday morning, we host Becca’s Run, which is great chance to have fun, exercise, and contribute to good causes – including a scholarship fund for our school. I think you can still register if you have not yet.

Then, Saturday evening, beginning right after the Vigil Mass, there will be a veritable biergarten out on our own field. Come on over after Mass to Oktoberfest for dinner (the very best wurst), and then stay to enjoy the music (authentic oom-pah soundtrack) and excellent company into the evening.

Next Sunday afternoon, from one to five, will be our annual Fall Festival. This is an absolute blast for all who come, especially the kids. There will be live music, games, food, and everybody you want to spend time with – all there at the same time. Come on out with your whole family – but don’t stop at that! Invite some friends, or relatives, or co-workers, or your next-door neighbors. A couple of years ago I invited some of my friends from outside the parish, and right after Labor Day they started bugging me to know when the date was for the festival this year. You’ll be addicted, too.

How things change, eh? Just weeks ago, there were no activities to announce; now there are too many to try to mention from the pulpit! But it’s not too much for us to enjoy. I’ll see you there.

Monsignor Smith

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