Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lila Update

Thank you for your concern and prayers for Lila -- not just from me, but especially from Michael and Nichole Giroux. As promised, the information on her diagnosis following the biopsy is that the growth is malignant, and she will need to undergo chemotherapy. She came home from the hospital on Friday, where she is resting better and stands on better ground to recover from the surgery of last Monday. What her treatment will entail will be clearer with time, but now it looks like she will have to be have a port for the chemotherapy, and will be able to follow on an outpatient basis, which means she and her family will be able to enjoy the healthier, more restful environment of their home as the deal with all this.

If there are any developments, I will let you know. MEanwhile, your prayers are as valuable as ever. God bless you.

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