Wednesday, October 07, 2009


If I could take credit for the weather, I would (some offered me credit, but I couldn’t take it.) Many congratulated me on the large crowds, new features, successful organization, or attractive layout. I had to leave that aside as well. I can’t take credit for any of it really. But wasn’t that a terrific Fall Festival?

I hope you managed to come out and enjoy the fun with so many of our parishioners – and our neighbors. I thank you for participating, and for inviting or bringing some guests. I think all who came were glad they did. I also want to thank Mindy Sippel, who was the engine behind the accomplishment. She had lots of help, I know – some of you were very diligent, some very creative. And all of you were generous. So thank you to all who made the Festival happen.

I am giving a bit of my space in the bulletin this week to our seminarian, Don Bedore, who will be with us on weekends throughout the year. He won’t have the higher visibility that comes with preaching, because he is not a deacon yet. I don’t know if he even has been introduced at all the Masses yet, though he has been here the past three weekends. But this little note will help you know about him, so next time you see him, you’ll take the time to get to know him.

You know I count on you all for many things, not least of which is prayer. I would take this chance to ask you for a little extra of that this coming week, as I head off for five days to make a retreat. My time given to silence in the presence of God will include a lot of beseeching on your behalf; I would be grateful if you would send a little support my way, as well, as I make this time available to Jesus to strengthen me as His priest and your Pastor. I remain always grateful for your generosity, and praying that you know God’s.

Monsignor Smith

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