Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Tree of Life

Christmas culminates this weekend in the Baptism of the Lord, which happens not to the Baby Jesus, but the adult ready to begin His public ministry. The Voice of the Father says from the clouds, Behold, my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased. 

That is the most parental of inclinations – behold, my children!  To judge by the Christmas cards we received here at the Holy House of Soubirous, it is something our parishioners have in common with God the Father.  I have admitted before that I love getting the photo-greeting cards that you send me.  I like seeing the kids, and I like it when you, Mom & Dad, are in the picture, too. 

This year I came up with a better plan than just admiring them, and keeping them on my windowsill until they toppled into disarray.  I hung them on the Christmas tree in the front office, where I could see them everyday – and so could the staff, Michael the UPS guy, the several mail carriers, and everyone who came to request a Mass intention.    
So, thank you for sending them.  You know, even though some people mock them, I also love reading the Christmas letters that bring a new installment in each family story.  It helps reveal you and your families to me, and I get so proud of you all.  Here’s looking at you, kids!  Behold, my beloved sons and daughters, in whom I am well pleased. 

Monsignor Smith

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