Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reconciliable difference

I understand that what colloquially we call schizophrenia should more accurately be called dual personality disorder.  I am not attempting to diagnose anyone in the parish, much less in the rectory, but I am searching for a descriptor for this week.
The first personality is summer.  The weather is terrific, and the campus is quiet.  Since our school finished last Friday, the phone has rung less, the traffic past my window has dwindled to almost nothing, and I actually had weekday evenings when I did not have a meeting, class, or appointment.  Ahhh.
The other personality is jubilation.  Last weekend, the liturgies celebrating the Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord were rich and beautiful, suitably laden with joy and gratitude.  And the cookout on the front lawn that our men of Orate Fratres put together for us was a superb way for all who stayed to enjoy the glories of a summer day getting to know and enjoy the brothers and sisters who are nourished by Christ into being His Body here in our parish.  I thank them for the delightful opportunity.  Add a few graduation parties, and it was a wild weekend.
Now, this weekend we have the ordination of new priests for our Archdiocese, and the first Mass of Father Patrick Lewis.  The momentous first Mass of a priest from our own midst is a time of unparalleled joy and pride in our parish family.  Like last week, a great liturgy will be followed by a festive convivium, in this case a reception in the school hall.  Another wild weekend, thanks be to God!
Between weekends, we welcomed our summer seminarian, Christopher Seith, who will be here until early August to experience parish life as we at Saint Bernadette know it.  I will let him tell you more about himself in his own voice.  We want to encourage him to enter into the mystery that is our parish life in Christ, since he is preparing to be a priest of our Archdiocese.  I hope he won’t think our frenetic/relaxation or peaceful/rejoicing reflects a split personality! 
Sort of like chocolate and peanut butter in the old Reese’s add, I don’t see any conflict inherent in these two aspects of one personality I am very much enjoying: summer jubilation.  May God bless you and your families with an abundance of it!
Monsignor Smith

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