Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Good Fortune

I almost forgot my fortune. I had gone to a Chinese restaurant with two friends, and was enjoying the conversation so much that I broke open my fortune cookie, but neglected to read the little strip of paper with my “fortune” printed on it. Eventually, when I was reminded to read it, I laughed so hard that I couldn’t read it aloud, and had to pass it around the table.

Your charm today will be almost irresistible, so use it wisely.

I assume you have known people, as I have, who seem to have been over-endowed by God with an abundance of charm and attractiveness. When we meet them, we are, well, charmed and attracted, delighted and drawn into their orbits. Like most of you, I have never been under the misapprehension that I was one of those people. That’s why I laughed until I couldn’t breathe when I read that fortune.

Almost every such person I have known has been at least somewhat aware of his (or her) gift and been able to “turn it on” when they need it. I have occasionally wanted to ask, when did you discover your “charm” and how powerful it could be?

If we live with them longer – as family-members, friends, or co-workers – we are more likely to see the charm with a little more objectivity. We try to make sure we do not “fall for it” ourselves. We know they have something we don’t, and maybe get just a tad envious.

That “fortune” made me think about this gift, this charm, and how much fun it would be to “have it” and to know it, even if only for a period of time. Rather than be envious of what we see others having, why not just try ourselves to “turn it on?”

How could we amplify our own attractiveness and lovability, and magnify the very best aspects of our personality and uniqueness and know that we have an audience who appreciated us, is attracted to us, and responds to us? Imagine, if we could do that, the power it would give us? The challenge would be to use it wisely, indeed - but obviously, it would be a great opportunity as well! Who would pass up a chance for that?

Aware as I am of everything about me that is unattractive and unlovable, there is only one way I could imagine myself doing this: prayer. That’s right: just hurl my whole self in front of God and let Him have it. He will see and love better than anyone else everything that is good about me, everything true and beautiful, everything attractive and loveable. If I simply give myself to His attention, He will be unable to withhold from me his entire attention, His entire love.

To go to prayer is to rid my mind of everything that can distract me from this fabulous attraction that God has to me, this amazing power that draws God into my orbit. To “turn it on” in this manner is to realize who I truly am, and what I am truly for.

Hey; you know me. You know how quickly my charm arsenal can run out. So you know that if prayer can do this for me, you should realize that it can do the same for you. This is our great fortune, our treasure and our future. Have you been to prayer today? Your charm today will be almost irresistible, so use it wisely.

Monsignor Smith

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Teenage Bride said...

Wonderful post! What a great message. We can all use a little more prayer in our life.

God bless.